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"Your book is stunning, Jaime. Thoughful, insightful, practical and poetic at the same time, honest, brave, and, unlike any other book on shamanism, laugh out loud funny! Thank you!"  -Jeanne

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12th Annual Winter Solstice Drum

The Great Mother Comes to Bless Us

December 18 -21 Thursday - Sunday)

Location: The Minnesota Opera Center, Downtown Minneapolis



Part Theatre performance, part interactive shamanic ceremony. Unrepeatable, untweetable, cannot be downloaded.

Everyone drums (Bring your own, or borrow one from the huge mound of drums there!) A chorus of gorgeous earth-goddess women chant ancient melodies that Lutherans are not allowed to learn. The Urban Shaman tells three mind-bending stories about the soul’s relationship with nature that call up laughter and a quivering sensation from inside your ancient indigenous soul.

The Old Bone Mother comes to ceremonially remove your spiritual toxins (if you want that). The evening culminates in a shamanic ceremony in which the Great White Reindeer, whose beating heart is at the center of creation, comes to give you a blessing.

Dancing and ecstasy are encouraged (but not required). It all takes place in the subterranean, rock-walled, huge rehearsal space at the Minnesota Opera – a perfect environment for this experience that is at once deeply poetic, smart and funny. It’s a rollicking, reverent meeting of human and sacred energies bursting with groovelicious rhythmocity and sacred wahoo. 

You are absolutely free to enter the experience in any way that is meaningful to you. You don't have to believe anything or do anything that is not authentic to you. You are free to see it as a theatrical performance, as a sacred ceremony, as surreal dance-spoken-word-art, as worship, or as a lucid dream. Wahoo, indeed. 

The AudienceThe purpose of the evening is to help you feel alive all the way down in your mythic bones, feel connected to nature, connected to Mystery, and connected to each other.

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Thursday, December 18, 7 PM

Friday December 19, 7:30 PM

Saturday, December 20, 7:30

Sunday, December 21, 6:30 PM (30 minutes earlier!)

(Doors open and drumming begins 30 minutes before curtain time! Bring your own drums or borrow from the immense pile of instruments!)


At the Minnesota Opera Center, 620 North First Street, Downtown Minneapolis (Click here for a map)


All tickets $20, all seats are general admission

Guarantee your seat by ordering in advance online! (This functionality will be available soon!)

You may also pay cash at the door.

The performance space is wheelchair accessible. Some free parking across the street in the Minnesota Opera parking lot (the far east side of the giant parking lot across the street - look for signs that say MN Opera staff parking). Plenty of parking on the street and in the paid lot. 

What past audience members say:

"Dear Jaime Meyer, I don't know who you are or how you learned this, but you blew my mind in exactly the way I've been wanting. Thank you."

"It's like church on acid."

"I have not felt this alive in years!"

"Thank you for the fantastic Sat eve winter solstice event.  I have never attended a drumming event--much less a winter solstice event and I loved it---felt renewed and blessed. Thank you. Looking forward to future events....and I especially loved dancing with you!!"

"Just wanted to say what an amazing experience last weekend was. I felt the reindeer goddesses coalesce into a sisterhood as you rattled around the reindeer hide and antlers. It was a transcendental moment for me in which I loved my life and felt incredibly grateful for everything of every flavor that has led me to where I am now. So Be It."

"Wow!  What a great night with so many blessings for all beings in all realms!  Such beauty and a good feast for the Ancestral World! We both felt deeply blessed and healed by the ceremonies and the magic that you and the team wove for us!"

"I want you to know I found the service Friday night to be powerful, authentic and healing. I know shamanic shape-shifting and merging when I see it. I encountered the spirits in a powerful way through your leadership, Jamie. And I thank you!"

"Thank you so much for Sunday night: beautiful show, great stories, needed ritual."

"The wonderful energy created by your storytelling, the singing and the vibrations from the drumming was magical. Thank you for blessing us with this ceremony!"

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Below is a 1 minute video of the opening of the event (Everyone drums!)